Trinity United Church of Christ

We Gather

Caroling 2010


Because we consider ourselves to be a family we gather many times throughout the year. We gather each Sunday after worship in the narthex of the church for a time of coffee, food and fellowship. Other beyond Sunday morning gatherings are meant to further that sense of community that we feel each Sunday morning. Some of the groups at Trinity Church include:

    Youth Group
    Softball Team
    Euchre Club
    Book Club
Trinity is home to those famous “Trinity Potlucks!” We gather at various times (Annual Meeting potluck, Palm Sunday potluck, Picnic Sunday, etc.) to share food and fellowship. If you haven’t experienced a Trinity Potluck you are missing out! Check the calendar for the next one!

We go caroling together, share meals together, play cards together, worship together, gather to remember dear ones who are no longer with us, and pray for a world of peace and justice! We are truly a family. Come check us out and consider joining and enriching our family!