Trinity United Church of Christ

Our History

Most of the earlier settlers of Wadsworth came from New England and were for the most part Congregationalists. During the 1840's and 1850's many of them moved farther west and were replaced by Pennsylvania Dutch most of who were members of churches of German origin. Denominational loyalties were strong and early settlers went to considerable inconvenience to attend a church of their own faith or if that was not possible, to organize one. Under these conditions a Rev. Schlosser came into the community about mid-summer of 1858, and after some 4 months work gathered about him six reformed people and organized them into a church on October 24, 1858, which was taken under the care of the Sandusky Classis. From these humble beginnings Trinity Church has continued to grow for more than 150 years!


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Pictures of our Former Buildings

           Original Octagon Building                                    Second Wood Frame Building

              (MacGregor Academy)                        


Current Brick Church erected in 1914